Six Reasons for Learning How to Use a Gas Smoker

Gas smokers! They are a rare type of smokers to find in many meat joints.  Their popularity is low because most people think that they cannot produce the delicious smells and tastes that electric smokers produce.

That sounds like a bit of ignorance. Gas smokers are as great as other smokers when it comes to giving your meat that flavor you want. The best advice is how to use a gas smoker, and you will testify its goodness. Besides, when you buy the best gas smokers, you have the best taste and flavors.

You need no to be a barbeque pro to create that flavorful crust. Besides, you do not need a sophisticated machine to achieve that. A well-built gas smoker will make you feel like a pro when you create seasoned bark on smoked meat.

Whether it is rib, turkey, chicken, beef or mutton a gas smoker can give you the pride of a professional because family and friends will be begging for your recipe.

Why Do You Need to Know How to Use a Gas Smoker?

Most people love the taste and smell of smoked and smoking meat. A such, this should be a motivator of learning how to use any meat smoker found in the market. It is not a difficult task.

The following are enough reasons to stimulate you to buy a gas smoker and learn how to use it.


Easy setup

Gas poses a considerable fire risk if wrongly installed. For this reason, most people fear using gas equipment, and a gas smoker is not an exception.

With modern gas smokers, assembling them is pretty straightforward. All the parts of the sturdy construction fit into each other correctly resulting in a secure and functional smoker. Or instance, it only takes 30 minutes to set up the Camp Chef Smoke Vault.

Some come while they are already pre-assembled, making the process of assembling them instantly.

When you buy the smoker, you also get a detailed manual on how to assemble it. This is evident in the case of a Day-Glo DGY784BDP. Besides, some manufacturers will go a step further and offer you a recipe book.


Generous capacity

You’ll buy a smoker based on the size of your family or business. Gas smokers offer ample smoking space. Most of them appear small externally, but the smoking space is maximized to accommodate up to 15 racks. Such a smoker can smoke enough meat for 15 people.

Some have an internal cooking space of over 900 square inches. Such space is ample for 35 stakes, or 5 slabs of ribs lay flat on the rack. This one can feed masses.


Good smoke production

Smoke injects flavor into your meat. The instrument is called a smoker because it produces smoke and infuses it with your meat. For that reason, the gas smoker is built to deliver good quality and quantity of smoke to give the authentic taste and flavor to your meat.


Automatic setting

Modern gas smokers have categorized as a set and forget smokers. The smoker will adjust the parameters to nurse you to get everything right. This feature makes it easier to operate gas smokers.


Using Your Smoker

The process of using a gas smoker is rather straightforward, whether you are using wood chips or smoker boxes. However, if you opt to use smoker boxes, you’ll need to learn how to use a smoker box on a gas grill.

The process is almost similar, except that when using the smoke boxes, you’ll have to soak the wood chips for an hour or so before grilling. This feature offers the advantage of good quality smoke and easy cleaning.

Cure your smoker by starting a fire and let it heat to 204 degrees Celsius before letting it cool to 107 degrees Celsius. This might take several hours. Remove contaminants.

To smoke your meat, you’ll have to prepare it. But first, you need the right type of wood chips for great taste.

Soak a paper towel in olive oil and drag it along the already cleaned grilled grate. This is to lubricate it.

Add a handful of wet wood chips to the metal smoker box and place the lid back.

Place the smoker boxes directly on top of the burner o the far right side of the grill. To do so, you’ll have to lift the grill grate using pliers (long-handled type). Then, close the lid and light up the smoker. Heat until the smoker box starts to emit hardwood smoke.

You will place your meat on the grate above the burner offset from the smoker box. Close the lid of the grill and let your gas smoker cook your meat for 1 hour per pound. So the total time depends on the amount of meat you have.

Ensure that you turn the meat after every 3 hours. As you turn the meat, you can mop marinade on the meat. Always check on the progress of the meat so that it does not overcook.


Gas smokers are one of the most versatile pieces of smoking meat. They give you the best taste, especially when you know how to use a smoker box on a gas grill. Like any other smoker, they are packed with powerful features to ensure that you get the most out of the smokers.

Depending on your skills, you can find several kinds of gas smokers that fit your skills. It is imperative that you select a smoker with a stronger built, easy to use, and one with modern features such as infrared smoking.

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