How to Clean a Smoker: 5 Easy Way by Expert

To have fresh and tasty food, you really don’t need to question the role of smokers. Salmon, beef, turkey, you name it, smokers cook a wider variety of foods. You’ll find different types of smokers available in the market. They all have their uniqueness and facilities.

However, the best smokers can still ruin the taste of your food if you don’t take good care of it. Like everything else in the world, smokers get dirty too. As a result, ending up with food with a bad taste is quite normal.

Don’t want to keep the smokers dirty anymore? To keep your smoker nice and shiny all the time, you’ll need to grab the know-how. This is why today we’re going to tell you how to clean a smoker. Moreover, we’ll give you a few details on the types of smokers. So, without furthermore chit chat, let’s dive in.

How to Clean a Smoker

Before knowing how to clean an electric smoker, first, know what to wear. It’s going to be very messy work. So, you’ll always have to wear rubber gloves to take the steps. However, make sure you don’t use your favorite gloves as the situation will get greasy.

First of all, remove all the cooking racks, drip tray, and smoke basket. You can scrape off any extra food that sticks to your cooking rack with the help of a grill brush. A wire brush always comes in handy to clean the cooking rack.

If you find any extra grease inside the smoker, brush it off as well.  For extra measures, you can cover the burner. This will help it from getting filled with grease.

You can always find a scrapper from the grill brush or plastic putty knife. Start from the topmost part of the smoker and make your way down as you clean it.

The grease may fall on the floor of your house giving you room for more trouble. It is always wise to place some paper towels or foil on the ground, in front of the smoker. When you’ll remove the grease, it will fall on the towels or foil. Collect the grease and debris and throw them all together into the garbage.

Now you can fill up your sink with super hot water. Mix the water with a dishwashing liquid or soap etc.  Try to give a very good scrub to the cooking racks and drip pan with your scrubbers.

Since the smoker tray remains underneath the drip pan, you may need to give it a quick scrub first. To make your way to the nooks and crannies of the cooking rack, you can use a small wire brush.

You can notice some black residue inside the smoker. Making your smoker completely free of any black residue may give you a hard time, especially if the smoker was kept like this for a long time. However, with a little bit of patience and constant scrubbing, you might get positive results. After you’re done, rinse it really well and finally, let it drip dry.

When it comes to cleaning the insides of the smoker, a bucket of hot soapy water always comes in handy. Use a plastic scrub brush and dip it into the water. Now start to scrub the insides of the smoker carefully with a bit of a heavy force.  If there’s a chance of getting too much debris inside, you can cover the burner area for safety. Wipe all the way down using a wet rag. After you’re done, let the inside dry. You’ll also need hot soapy water to wipe down the outsides of the smoker using a wet rag.

Keeping a sheet of aluminum foil inside the drip pan is always a wise thing to do. It will keep the whole smoker clean as the majority of the food and juices goes to the foil. Besides, the foil doesn’t have any negative effect on the smoker’s performance. So we don’t see why you won’t use it as it will add a huge plus.

To make sure your smoker stays nice and shiny, you can clean the cooking grates every time you use the smoker. Before refilling, it is wise to dump out the ashes in the smoke tray every time. We recommend giving your smoker a wash, following these steps every 3 to 6 months.  If you use the smoker roughly, you may increase the amount of time to clean it.

Which Brand Can I Trust 

There are lots of electric smoker brands in the market available. All of them have their own specialty. However, as a bonus fact, we can give you a recommendation according to our own research. If you don’t have an electric smoker and you want to buy one, then you can go for the Masterbuilt Smokers.

Masterbuilt offers amazing electric smokers that can last long enough to meet your satisfaction. You must be wondering how to clean a Masterbuilt smoker. Just go through the steps and you’ll find it easy to clean the product.

How do I keep my metal smoker rust free?

You’ll find a lot of brands that come with anti-rust features in the market. You can try the Masterbuilt smoker for instance.

Can I use my electric smoker to prepare seafood?

You can use the electric smoker to cook perfect seafood, meat, etc.

What if I face problems with dishwashers? Will the water cause any problems?

Most electric smokers are friendly to dishwashers and water. So you can wash them without any worries.

Final Words

Cooking Smoker is probably one of the most essential materials that you need for preparing tasty foods. If it stays good, serving delicious food anytime won’t be a problem.  You’ll always need it for the long run, right? To make sure that happens, you’ll need to keep it clean and shiny.

This article will help you guide everything you need to know on how to clean a smoker.  Read it and act accordingly, and you’ll see your smoker is good as new.

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