Best Smokers for Beginners Reviewed | Top-rated Models of the Market Right Now

Are you looking for a smoker for the very first time? If you are a beginner, there is a lot; you need to consider right before purchasing a smoker. There are different types that are suitable for different needs. Besides that, the market is filled with hundreds of models and all of them are labeled as best, but they are not actually.

Best Smokers for Beginners

For the beginners, getting the right smoker could be pretty daunting but don’t worry, you got us. We have put together a list of top 10 best smokers for beginners. Going through this list will save you both time and money.

So without further delay, let’s have a quick look at the list!

Why Should You Choose the Right Smoker?

Why shouldn’t you? You are spending a good amount of money and you should get a proper return. Otherwise, you are just wasting your hard-earned money. And only a suitable smoker can give you a good return. So when you choose a smoker before making the purchase, make sure that the smoker has what you need. Otherwise, pass it and move to another!

10 Best Smokers for Beginners Reviewed

Behind this list, there is a whole team of experts who have worked really hard just to bring the best out of the crowded market, lucky you! All of these smokers belong from reputed brands and all of them come with loads of positive user feedbacks which means that users are pretty satisfied with these smokers. So do not worry, go through the list and pick one that fits your needs.

1. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill

If you are looking forward to having a top-rated pellet smoker for barbecue, then consider taking a look at this Camp Chef’s SmokePro DLX PG24 smoker grill. A lot of people have got started with grilling with this very model. Camp Chef is the top-notch brand for producing top-quality smokers and our very list got a couple of smokers belongs from that brand. However, let’s see what features this smoker has stored.

It is a pellet smoker which means it produces heat from wood pellets; it burns them and heats up. And to put the pellets comfortably, this smoker comes with an auger through which the pellets go to the fire pot from the hopper. Are you a fan of traditional grilling? Then you definitely going to love this smoker. It is best for slow and low smoking and traditional grilling.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

This smoker maintains a temperature between 175-degree to 500-degree Fahrenheit; all you have to do is set the temperature in the dial, the smoker will take care of the rest. Another best feature of this camp chef’s smoker is the cleaning system. You can completely empty the pellet bit and ash with just a level pull. Overall, this very smoker would be an excellent choice for all the beginners.


  • Suitable for both low and high-temperature smoking.
  • Super easy to clean out.
  • 570 sq inch cooking area.
  • Comes with a patio cover.
  • Comes with a meat temperature probe.


  • Temperature fluctuation.

Why should you pick this model?

If you have never used a smoker before and want to get started with one, this Camp Chef’s smoker could be a good option. The temperature is very easy to control and cleaning is too simple as well. Besides that, this smoker can give you both high and low-temperature grilling.

2. Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault

At this time when manufacturers are busy copying and making traditionally designed smokers, the Camp Chef’s came up with something unique. In this Camp Chef’s 24-inches smoke vault, the manufacture used a unique design that looks pretty classy and separates the smoker from the crowd. Most of the users are appreciating for this unique and space-saving design.

This smoker looks like a classic safe vault. It has a beefy handle and a thermometer in the center which makes it look like a dial combo lock. However, not only the look, this very smoker comes with some attractive features as well. This smoker is heavily constructed which makes it highly durable. Unlike some, this smoker retains its smoke and heats the inner side pretty well.

Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault

The temperature is very consistent which is mandatory when you are smoking meat. Moreover, you won’t notice any smoke leak. For instant lighting, this smoker features snap ignition. Comes with two cooking and 1 jerky rack. Though the jerky rack is delicate the temperature will range from 50 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features three adjustable dampers that allow you to control the airflow conveniently.


  • Well-built smoker.
  • Comes with 2 cooking and 1 jerky rack.
  • Easy airflow control.
  • Features snap ignition.
  • Offers consistent temperature.
  • Top-notch steel wood tray.


  • Little hard to assemble.

Why should you pick this model?

We actually don’t see any reason to deny this smoker. For beginners, this Camp Chef’s 24-inches smoke vault should be more than enough. Comes with good cooking capacity and easy to control the temperature as well, what else do you need?

3. Camp Chef 18" Smoke Vault

Previously reviewed Camp Chef’s smoke vault and this one is completely similar. The only difference between these two is one is 24-inches and this Camp Chef smoke vault is 18-inches. Except for the size, there is nothing different. Because of the smaller size, this smoker vault comes with two smoking racks instead of there; a jerky rack is not included with this smoker. And the racks are adjustable.

Camp Chef 18" Smoke Vault

Comes with 3 damper valves that are adjustable and two of them are placed on both sides and one is on the top. It has a thermometer attached at the door which pretty much looks like a dial lock. And the temperature of this smoker ranges between 50 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. For instant light, it also features matchless snap ignition. And lastly, with the purchase, you are going to get some cooking tips and recipes as well.


  • Space-saving design.
  • Easy to control the temperature.
  • Matchless snap ignition.
  • 3-damper valves.
  • Comes with a thermometer.
  • Two adjustable racks.


  • Less cooking area.
  • Little complex assembling process.

Why should you pick this model?

Overall, this 18-inches Camp Chef’s smoke vault is an outstanding performer. Because of the overall size, the cooking area got a little smaller but should not be a problem for the beginners.

4. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker with Patio Cover

The Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker is a big size smoker where you can smoke meats for the whole party. When for the first time this smoker was launched, it got so much popularity at the very early stage. All because of its outstanding performance and durability. It comes with a medium price though some people have found it expensive this price is fair.

This smoker comes with a 700 square inches cooking area and also features a 20-pound hopper. The 700 square inch cooking area is split in two 513 square warming rack and 187 inches for grilling. It comes in different colors, black, silver, etc. you can choose any. The manufacturer has constructed this smoker heavily with stainless steel material and that makes it highly long-lasting.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker with Patio Cover

This smoker will allow you to control the temperature pretty easily. Features caster wheels that make moving the entire unit easy. Now let’s move on to the last part which is cleaning, cleaning is a little complex in this smoker and easy as well. There is a grease bucket that will collect all the drained grease but removing the grease build-up is pretty hard.


  • Top-notch quality.
  • Easy to control temp.
  • Features caster wheels.
  • Large cooking area.
  • Outstanding performer.
  • Two adjustable racks.


  • Users may struggle with the searing.
  • Little hard to clean grease build-up.

Why should you pick this model?

The Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker is an excellent choice for people who need a smoker to cook for a large batch of guests. Easy to use and control, so that smoking meat will be fun. And since it features caster wheels, the weight should not be an issue.

5. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Are you looking for a charcoal grill that comes at a low price? Then you might want to have a quick look at this Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill. This very charcoal grill comes under 200 hundred dollars and because of this low price, it got a lot of traction within a very short time. Just because this is a little cheaply priced, do not make the mistake of misjudging this grill.

This is a 22-inch model and the cooking grate is 22-inch as well which gives a total cooking area of 363 square inches. It comes with an aluminum bowl which is supposed to collect ashes and that is a lifesaver, trust me you wouldn’t want to deal with ashes everywhere. Moving on, for easy and safe lid removal, this smoker offers heat-resistant nylon handles.

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

It got top-notch construction and the same as the performance. For effective cooking, this smoker features multiple vents and two grill levels to change the heat. Adding charcoal is also very easy since it has a hinged cooking grate. When it comes to weight, it is already a lightweight model but still, it got two caster wheels for smooth movement.


  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Easy to control the temperature.
  • Easy to add charcoal.
  • Nylon heat-resistant handles.
  • Smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Low price.


  • The cooking area is not so big.

Why should you pick this model?

You won’t find a better charcoal grill at such a price point. The Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is the best bang for the money.

6. Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill

This is the last Camp Chef’s grill smoker of this list and is another top-rated model of the market. This very model is integrated with the latest technologies which make it highly user-friendly. It features a digital temperature control which allows the user to control the temperature easily and according to their need. It also comes with an automatic auger that feeds the pellets into the grill to main the heat and also produces the needed amount of smoke.

The best part of this grill smoker is its versatility. It is a highly versatile grill smoker that allows you to smoke, bake, roast, braise, grill, and barbecue your favorite foods with an incredible smoky flavor. And it offers a temperature range to 160-degree Fahrenheit to 500-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, this smoker gives you a cooking area of 811 square inches and comes with a removable upper warming rack will provide you with enough room to cook the large batch of people.

Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill

Cleaning in this very smoker is a breeze; all you are required to do is just pull the lever. It comes with incredible ash clean out system which very few grill smokers offer. A sear box is included and that can reach a maximum temperature of 900-degree Fahrenheit.


  • Highly durable grill smoker.
  • Integrated with the latest technology.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Highly versatile smoker.
  • Smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Sear box included.


  • Little expensive.

7. REC TEC Grills RT-590 Bundle Portable Wood Pellet Grill

With years of experience, this REC Tec Grills is serving the market with quality smokers for quite a long time now. They are one of the markets leading grill smoker brands. And again they have impressed the market with another top-notch production which is the Rec-Tec RT 590 wood pellet grill. A lot of people are already using this grill smoker and is super satisfied with the service. Have a look at what features this smoker offers.

Features smart grill technology which is one of the best features of this grill smoker. When making barbecue the better you control the temperature the tasty the food gets. And this smart grill technology allows you to control the temperature very easily. This technology even notices the slightest temperature change and immediately provides with the needed temperature, isn’t that super satisfying?

REC TEC Grills RT-590 Bundle Portable Wood Pellet Grill

This smoker grill is heavily constructed with stainless steel which makes it rust-proof and extremely durable. Even the smallest part of this smoker is made of stainless steel, so there is no way you are going to notice rust. Moreover, comes with a big sized pellet hopper which eliminates the need for putting pellets frequently.


  • Top-notch performance.
  • Highly durable.
  • Completely rustproof.
  • Good capacity pellet hopper.
  • Highly versatile smoker grill.


  • Very heavy.
  • Expensive model.

Why should you pick this model?

If you are looking for a large smoker to cook for a large batch of people, then you won’t get wrong with this Rec Tec wood pellet grill. It is highly durable and performs incredibly. It would be a good investment.

8. Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill

Some people don’t like the flavor of gas or charcoal, this Traeger grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill would be an excellent option for them. Usually, foods cooked with woods taste a lot better compared to the gas or charcoal. This is also a highly versatile wood pellet grill; you can cook slow or low, hot and fast with this very model. Moreover, you can bake, braise, roast, barbecue and smoke foods with it.

It comes with a temperature control technology that will give you exceptional grilling experience. This wood pellet grill will maintain a consistent temperature 25-degree Fahrenheit which will allow you to have precision grilling. The manufacturer has constructed this model heavily with steel and also gave given a powder coat finish. The steel construction makes this grill highly durable.

Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill

With this grill, you will get a cooking area of 646 square inches. In this area, you can cook full 8 chickens, 30 burgers, and 5 racks of ribs, well that’s huge. The manufacturer has kept the price low as well—overall, a great wood pellet grill to invest on.


  • Large cooking area.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Offers consistent temperature.
  • Highly versatile.


  • Not rustproof.

Why should you pick this model?

We don’t see any major reason to deny this Traeger grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill. It comes with all the necessary features and gives nicely wood cooked foods. All in all, this grill offers excellent value for the money.

9. Z Grills ZPG-700E  New Model Wood Pellet Grill

This is another wood pellet grill from the brand Z-grills. Highly versatile and a top-notch wood pellet grill smoker of the market. With this grill, you will be able to smoke, braise, bake, roast, BBQ, and sear your foods. And it cooks food deliciously, wood cooked foods are always tasty. The best part of this very grill is you don’t have to dig deeper inside your pocket to get this model; the price is low.

It offers fan-forced convection cooking which doesn’t require rotisserie and also makes a versatile environment for smoking, roasting, baking, and grilling. It comes with temperature control which keeps a consistent temperature inside the grill and also allows you to control the temperature pretty easily. You can set the temperature form 18-degree Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit.

Z Grills ZPG-700E  New Model Wood Pellet Grill

Features a 700 square inches cooking area and the wood pellet hopper capacity is 20-pounds which eliminate the need to put wood pellets frequently. The manufacturer offers a 3-years warranty so you can purchase this grill model blindfolded.


  • Big capacity wood pellet hopper.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Delivers consistent temperature.
  • Highly versatile grill.
  • Good temperature range.
  • Affordable price.


  • Poor customer service.

Why should you pick this model?

Even after offering some top-notch features, this grill still comes at an affordable price. The features in offers are already satisfying many people's need. You should not worry about it if anything terrible happens a 3-year warranty is there.

10. Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

And here comes the last grill of this list and that is the Pit boss 700 FB wood pellet grill. It is a big wood pellet grill, with 700 square inches cooking area you can effortlessly cook foods for a large batch of people. And top of that, wood cooked foods are always tastier so, do not worry about the taste. As mentioned above, the temperature is what matters the most when it comes down to perfect cooking.

And this very grill can keep a consistent temperature. It has a temperature range of 170-degree Fahrenheit to 500-degree Fahrenheit; you can set to any temperature according to your need. To eliminate the frequent pellet loading, it comes with a 20-pounds capacity pellet hopper.

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

Now let’s come to the irritating part, cleaning. The best part is, cleaning this very grill is a breeze. There is a bucket that will collect all the drained grease and when the bucket is full, you just empty it; that’s all you have to do. Since this grill is a little bigger for easy moving, the manufacturer has attached two smooth-rolling wheels.


  • 700 square inch cooking area.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Offers consistent heating.
  • Easy to adjust the temperature.
  • Smooth moving wheels.


  • Low-quality construction

Why should you pick this model?

If you are looking for an affordable wood pellet grill where you can cook for a big group of people at once, then this would be a high helping hand for you.

How to Choose the Best Smoker for Beginner?

When buying the best smoker from type to price, there is a lot to consider. And if you are a beginner, then there is a high chance that you wouldn’t know about them. We have designed a buyer’s guide below which will help you to choose the right smoker for you. Go through it and make sure you check all the factors before making a purchase decision.


Which type of smoker do you need? There are different types of smoker, such as wood pellet grill smoker, gas smoker, and charcoal smoker. Do you like foods cooked with woods? Then go for a wood pellet grill. And if you want something that will prepare your food faster with moderate taste, then go for gas or charcoal smoker.

Cooking area

Will you be cooking only for yourself? Or a group of people? It is always wise to choose a smoker that comes with a bigger cooking area that will allow you to cook for a big group of people at once. Plus, you will able to cook different foods together.


There are some smokers in the market which are highly versatile. Will allow you to bake, braise, sear, grill, smoke, roast, BBQ, etc. Go for such a smoker so that you will able to cook different types of foods differently.


When it comes to tasty food, temperature plays a big role. If the temperature is not suitable, then your food will be the worst. However, go for a smoker that will keep a consistent temperature and also allows you to control the temperature easily.


A good smoker will be a little expensive that is pretty obvious. Just to save some bucks, do not go for a cheap smoker; you will end up spending more in the long. A good smoker should cost you around five hundred to a thousand dollars.


Time to wrap up, these are the 10 best smokers for beginners. Hope you have found the perfect one for you and please put in the comment section which model you picked and how it is going with you.